Highlights are hairpieces that are lighter than your wig’s natural color. The process of changing the hair color of your wig using hair color or lightener is known as highlighting. Highlighting your plain wig with contrasting colors will make it stand out. A highlight wig can have natural or unnatural colors, depending on your preference. There are different types of highlights like foul highlights, chunking, hair painting, and frosting.

Highlighting is the best option if you have a problem with committing to a hair maintenance routine. Dyeing your whole hair will require you to develop a new maintenance and care routine, which may be hard for you.

In contrast, highlights require low maintenance and less commitment. Highlighting services cause a fortune at the salon, which is why most people prefer to do it themselves at home. However, the task seems exhausting if you are doing it for the first time. The article outlines some of the tips for adding highlights to your wig and how to do it.

1. Verify If You Can Highlight Your Wig At Home

You can find homemade do-it-yourself kits that will make it easier to highlight your hair strands. However, if you wish to go for complex highlights, you will need the services of a specialist.

2. Choose The Perfect Highlights

It is important to carefully research wig highlights that will suit your face. Ensure you experiment with a variety of color shades. Also, you need to decide if you will highlight parts of your hair or full hair.

3. Add Highlights To Your Hair

After selecting the ideal highlight shade and thickness, you can apply it to your wig. Different wig highlights have different guidelines; therefore, ensure you read the instructions carefully before beginning the process.

4. Steps to Applying Highlights to Your Wig

Applying highlights to your hair should be an effortless process. You need to have a latch-hook tool that looks like a crocheting needle and loose extensions. You can find these tools in a beauty store.

Place your wig on a wig head, then choose a hair extension with a lighter color but whose length and texture are the same as your wig. Section your hair with clips to reveal the space between wefts. Hold small strands of hair and fold them, then thread the hook through the under mesh of the wig and stick your tool underneath the weft.

Grab the loop of hair with the hook and close it around the hair. Pull back the tool until the hair emerges from the opposite side, then open the hook and remove the needle. Mesh your fingers through the hair loop and pull the remaining hair through the loop to form a knot. Repeat this process severally, depending on the highlights you want. Finally, use a wide-toothed comb to blend your highlights. Note that it is better to highlight your wig’s crown as it will be more noticeable.


Highlights are a better option if you wish to achieve a unique look with low maintenance. Highlighting is a simple process that you can do at home as long as you follow instructions.


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