Fans of the popular anime, Naruto, cannot get enough of the events in the story and their favourite characters. This desire to keep the lives of their favourite characters with them is the reason concepts like kakashi sharingan exist in popular culture. The famed eye that gave Kakashi the special powers of the Uchiha clan has since the anime’s debut been imprinted on various items fans of the movie use in their daily lives.

Popular Items Promoting Kakashi Sharingan in Popular Culture

Kakashi Hatake’s Sharingan has influenced styles in popular items such as clothing, pieces of jewellery, appliances, and more. These items are collected by fans to show their admiration of the anime, support their favourite characters, or just to feel like a part of a community. Here are some of the popular items Naruto fans can buy to show their love for Kakashi Sharingan.

1. Eye Contact Lenses

Kakashi Sharingan contact lenses are very popular online with the lenses giving the wearer a visual of the special eye. Some people wear the contact on both eyes while some only use it on their left eye like Kakashi’s. The contact lens may reduce visibility but the challenge does not dissuade fans who want to feel like Kakashi for some precious moments.

2. Clothes

Some of the easiest to acquire merchandise of Kakashi Sharingan are t-shirts. The Sharingan, and sometimes the entire image of Kakashi, is printed on shirts that fans wear to support the character. Apart from t-shirts, there are occasional hoodies and headbands that have the glowing red eye poking through.

3. Jewellery

It is common to see pieces of jewellery sport the trademark Kakashi Sharingan. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets have the symbolic red-eye depicted in the middle of their designs and aim to give off the vibe of a ninja fan. Other items include belts and headbands, all in a similar design that endears Kakashi’s fans.

4. Figurines

There are lots of Kakashi Sharingan collectibles for fans who like to keep action figurines from their favourite movies and anime. The figurines are usually created in the image of Kakashi showing his Sharigan eye without a mask. Some of them feature Kakashi in various poses that are reminiscent of events in the anime.

5. Ornaments

There are also random ornaments that have Kakashi Sharigan in their designs. The most popular ones are key chains, stickers, hand bands, and some other regular items.

6. Stickers

Some fans go above and beyond to show their love for their favour anime. Rather than get a real tattoo, though, Naruto fans can simply buy a tattoo sticker of Kakashi Sharingan. When the sticker is imprinted on the body, it gives almost the same physical appearance as a real tattoo. The tattoo eventually wears off but fans still cherish the momentary excitement it gave them.


If you are a fan of Naruto and you feel a connection to the life of Kakashi during the movie, you can buy some Naruto merchandise dedicated to the character’s special power. Some like the contact lens are in commemoration of the Sharingan granting special power when it is imbued in a person. Other items are simply merchandises for fans that like to show their support openly.


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