Hoses are ideal tools for fluid transportation in various commercial applications or homes. A garden hose, in particular, is essential for gardening activities, but its use is made better when a garden hose reel is involved. The reel house the hose and winds and unwinds it for use and after use, respectively. The Giraffe Tools site has several types of hose reels with different characteristics so go to their link https://giraffetools.com/ to purchase a reel and other accessories. In this article, we outline the proper usage of the garden hose reel.

How to Use a Garden Hose Reel Correctly

The proper use of a garden reel makes work easier and improves your gardening experience. The following are tips for the appropriate usage of the garden reel.

1. Select the Ideal Reel

There are many types of hose reels, but the main categories that differentiate them are spring, powered and manual reels. Understanding each category helps you pick the best reel to cater to your needs. A spring hose reel is semi-automatic, and hose retraction needs you to use minimal energy.

A powered hose reel is fully automatic and requires electric power to operate. They are mainly used in industrial projects to retract heavy-duty hoses because they are more powerful than other reels. A manual hose reel requires the most time and energy for hose retraction.

You need to turn the handle attached to the drum to wind and unwind the hose. The three hose reel categories apply different mechanisms to function though the result is similar. Therefore, choose the hose reel with the retraction style you prefer for your needs.

2. Identify an Accessible Location

Garden hose reels are necessary for housing the hose and unwinding them when needed. If you choose to mount it on the wall, have a shade created over it to prevent direct sunlight or if it is placed slightly above the ground, ensure the support is sturdy to bear the weight of the hose reel.

Secondly, ensure the reel is next or close to a source of water for easy access and convenience any time you need to water the garden. Also, ensure the hose is adequate and can reach the work area from the water connection point.

3. Pick a Reel With a Guide

A hose guide is the latest in-built feature in a hose reel, developed after its advancements. The guide is responsible for positioning the hose during the retraction process. It helps keep the hose straight; thus, no knots, twists, or kinks are formed.

4. Focus on the Recommended Hose Length

Hose reels have a maximum length of hose they can accommodate. Long reels can fit long and huge hoses, while shorter ones are ideal for small hoses. Going past the reel’s capacity means that the hose will be big; hence storage will be difficult.


Proper usage of a hose reel prolongs its life span, and you get to enjoy its benefits for a long. Using the above guide and ensuring you give it proper care and maintenance, keep the reel in perfect condition and prevent unnecessary damages.


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