Gardening requires a special set of tools to finish the tasks quickly and more efficiently. We cannot just grab somewhere from a hardware store or a gardening store and use it for gardening purposes. It is very important to use the specialized equipment in order to achieve greater results.

Same goes with watering. These days, using a garden hose and a sprinkler to water the plants simply won’t cut it. We need watering equipment that will ensure our plants and gardens would be well-watered, without giving us headaches in terms of bills and replacement.

Here are some things we need to consider in choosing the right watering equipment.


One of the things we must consider in choosing the perfect garden equipment is its function. Watering equipment should be functioning efficiently in order to serve its purpose. If it does not water the garden accurately and efficiently, then it is not the right watering equipment for the garden’s needs. We need to remember that function must be the top priority in buying watering equipment since it is going to be an investment.


Sure, watering equipment can be very expensive but there are other types of watering equipment that delivers high-quality output with lower price tags. Choose a watering equipment that allows us to do high quality functions without having to swim in layers of debt.

Ease of Use

Most garden hose reels nowadays are requiring manual control. Hence, it can cause injuries such as wrist sprains and it can cause tripping or accidents to other people or to the ones using it directly. Choose a watering equipment that allows ease of use, such as a retractable garden hose reel. Retractable garden hose reels reduce the risk of injuries since the user does not have to gather and bind them in a roll after use. An added bonus is that it does not look cluttered when not in use.


Being functional is one thing, but having efficiency when used is another. Choose a watering equipment that can be used in an efficient manner is very important. Also, it would help if you choose something with added features, such as a water hose with multiple spraying nozzle modes. This allows the gardener or the homeowner to use their hose without taking the nozzles off to change it to something specific. The spraying mode can be changed in a rotating motion or two.


Since watering equipment can be seen as an investment, we must think that we should buy ones that are meant to last a long time. Choose a watering hose that can withstand multiple uses, the harsh elements of the weather, the high water pressure, and temperature changes when left outside. That way, we can save a lot because we do not have to buy multiple hoses whenever they get ruined again and again.

Giraffe Tools with premium-grade SJTOW offer a wide variety of watering hoses, perfect for every watering situation. Their hoses are known to be very durable, efficient, and functional.


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