If you are new to living alone, you have probably asked ‘why are household items so expensive?’. The sudden realization that your parents spent a lot on simple items such as kitchen knives is scary.

Everyone got used to it after a while. You will too. You just have to pick up the eight-inch knife and cut your way through.

Now that you understand that there is no way out, knowing why kitchen knives are so expensive is a valid line of thought.

Every kitchen is incomplete without a knife. Everyone that cooks, needs a knife. It does not matter where you are.

Even though some people have come up with a few alternatives when a knife is not available, the knife remains the best household cutting tool. It is also the most used cutting tool for cooking.

As in most cases, the good ones will cost a little more than you expect. The kitchen knife falls in the same category.

When you try to buy a set, the prices from hundreds to thousands if you don’t stop looking early enough.

Kitchen Knives Are Everywhere

There are a lot of knives out there. And only those who use knives regularly will easily notice the subtle differences between them.

If you are going to buy a knife, it should be able to meet the basic expectations – good rip, comfortable feel, cut well, and durable.

When choosing a knife, know that different knife designs are built for specific purposes and work best for those purposes. But for some people, it is just preference.

You might have noticed that despite the subtle differences, there are lots of kitchen knives in the market.

This is because the different manufacturers subtly separate their products from others. The brand can choose to make the material stand out.

Other brands may focus more on the quality of the steel while another brand focuses on the style of the knife.

The Cost of Kitchen Knives

The major parts of a knife are the handle and the blade. The knife manufacturers spend a lot of money on steel quality and feel.

The Kitchen Knife Steel

A major part of the cost goes into steel. There is a big gap in the prices between the different grades of stainless steel.

A particular type of steel is mainly used for making cutting tools. That is where a lot of big knife manufacturers spend tons of money.

To achieve the required quality, more money has to be put into refining and production of the steel.

The Kitchen Knife Handle

Based on the variety of knives and uses, some knife manufacturers have designed their knives to have the best feel. No one wants to feel discomfort while chopping.


Some knives are beautiful to look at, some just feel very handy, some feel even better than they look, while some other knives have sharp and durable blades. Money Spent on producing quality knives is the reason they are so expensive; some of them, at least.


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