Have you ever tried a retractable cord reel? It is one of the most innovative devices in the engineering world. Retractable cord reels excel in spaces where many electrical devices are in use, where lengthy electrical cables are flying over a distance to several wall sockets for use. There is nothing wrong with having things this way, but when a device can make things a little better, one should always try to keep in touch with the times by trying it out. Once you’ve tried out a new device, however, there comes the headache of knowing how to handle it properly, and this is where this article swoops in to save the day. Read on to discover how you can keep your retractable cord reels safe.

Why you should handle a retractable cord reel properly

One should give electrical devices one owns the proper care that will ensure their long-term use. These devices should be handled in a way that will ensure they work in an optimal state for as long as the warranty can cover them. Retractable cord reels are no different. Sure, a retractable cord like the premium-grade SJTOW looks like it could be tossed around from several heights, and they would still turn out fine, but that doesn’t mean they do not need to be handled with care.

The electric cables that run out of retractable cord reels are still just that, and as such, they can still be damaged just as you would damage a regular cable. It may be cool to pull out the cable and reel it in. However, an engineering marvel is still an engineering marvel that means it is susceptible to damage. If not handled properly, it could get broken and unusable.

How to handle a retractable cord reel

Here are some tips to help you handle your cord reel properly:

Avoid stressing the cable

Electric cables are made by drawing a thin piece of metal into them to conduct electricity. This bit of information is essential because several people see the protective rubbery coating and assume nothing could go wrong by bending them. Bending the cable in a retractable cord reel can, in some cases can cause the metal inside, even though it is also usually flexible, to break apart. If the wire breaks apart, the retractable cord reel would need to the replaced with a new one.

Keep it away from kids

A retractable cord reel is a fun object in the eyes of a kid. They love pulling out the cord to watch the self-winding mechanism pull it back inside its chamber. Kids are curious, and while this is lovely, a cord reel is not a device to play with. Every engineering device has a failure rate and a lifespan; pulling out the cable and let it run in can cause the winding mechanism to wear out quickly.


How you handle a retractable cord reel will determine how long you can keep using it. With the tips highlighted in this article, you should be able to use your cord reel for years to come.


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