Hose reels are known for their water hose storage function. Traditionally, hand crank hose reels were the most common type of reel on the market. However, the popularity and application of these products in a wide range of markets have introduced several other styles and designs. Therefore, buying and using a hose reel is not as simple as it was. For this reason, this post focuses on the hose reel basics you should understand before purchasing the product.

Things you should know before buying a hose reel

Below are some things you should know before purchasing or using a hose reel;

What is a hose reel?

A hose reel is a device used to store water hoses. It is typically made of metal and comes with a wheel-like element on which the hose is stored. The water hose is usually wound onto the wheel and unwinded during applications. In addition to helping store water hoses, hose reels are also used to maintain and ensure easy application of the products. They keep the hoses from getting kinks which would result in breakage and difficulties when using them.

Who uses a hose reel?

Conventionally, hose reels were mainly applied by gardeners. They would use the product to store and allow for easy application of water hoses. However, the applications of hose reels stretch far beyond the gardening community. These products are applied in several industries. For instance, firefighters use hose reels to hold their water hoses. The oil rigging industry also applies hose reels for carrying and storing their oil hoses. Plumbers use hose reels for keeping their cleaning hoses while cleaning drainpipes and conducting other plumbing tasks. Regardless of the area of application, the function of a hose reel remains constant.

What are the various types of hose reels?

As mentioned earlier, the market currently features a wide range of hose reel designs. The most common hose reel types can be split into two categories;

  • Manual hose reels- these require physical effort to operate. Hand crank hose reels are the most common type in this category. They have a crank that needs to be turned manually while unwinding and re-winding the hose.
  • Automatic hose reels- these do not require any human labor. They use an automated retractable system. The most popular types of automatic hose reel models are spring-driven and motor-driven hose reels. Spring-driven use the spring pressure mechanism to retract the hose. This means that when the hose is unwound, tension builds up within the springs. Therefore, when the hose is released, the pressure is released, and the hose is automatically retracted. On the other hand, motor-driven hose reels require you to activate the motor for automatic retraction.

Currently, automatic hose reel models are more popular because they offer added advantages.


In addition to the above information, another thing you should know before shopping for a hose reel is the best brand. When choosing the best hose reel brands, it would be wise to consider elements like reputation, product quality, and prices. Understanding all this information will help you make the best choice on which product to get.


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