The garden hose is one of the things that are mostly overlooked. Most homeowners leave their hoses lying in the yard. Whenever you want to use it, it gets tangled up and kinked. This can leave you angry and frustrated. The best solution to this mess is to get a garden hose reel reviews. Other than keeping your hose would nicely, it protects it from damage. These are some of the factors to consider when choosing one.

Hose Capacity

You need to pay attention to the hose length. Ensure you measure the distance from the spigot to the area you will be watering to determine the appropriate hose length. When you choose a 200-ft hose to use on 160-ft capacity, the hose is likely to spill off and prevent proper winding. Therefore, make sure you consider both the hose length and reel capacity to ensure you get the right one. It is advisable to choose a hose reel with a capacity of 50-ft longer than the hose. In this way, you will have additional room for it to contract and expand when using it.


Hose reels can be made of a wide range of materials. For instance, they are made of resin, plastic, and metal. The right material to choose depends on your water requirements. Metals such as stainless steel, brass, cast iron, and aluminum are widely used in heavy-duty usage. The materials are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable. The problem with metal hose reels is that they are heavy and bulky to carry around. Also, they are likely to last if they are left outdoors for long.

You should consider garden hose reels made of resin as they do not rust. Although they are not as strong as their metal alternatives, they are lighter and perfect for residential gardens. With this, you can carry your garden hose around the yard easily.


When you use the garden hose reel regularly, you should consider getting a durable, reliable, and tough model that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Remember that durability of the hose reel depends on the material used. Purchasing a long-lasting hose reel is considered to be an investment. Therefore, you should consider the durability of your garden hose reel when buying. Also, if you have a large garden, you should consider getting a durable product. Aluminum is regarded to be a perfect choice because it is lightweight. It is advisable to store your product properly to boost its longevity.


It is vital to note that you can attach the garden hose reel to the wall or wheels for portability. Make sure you determine the size of the garden when choosing your hose reel. For instance, if you have a small garden, you should get a wall-mounted hose reel. However, for larger gardens, you should get a stand-alone reel. This will help you cover the entire area effectively.

Ease of Use

When watering your garden, you need to save a lot of your effort and time. You can find automatic or manual hose reels. The right choice depends on the size of your garden.


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