Ladies, if it does not last long it better be free. With wigs, the durability of types and brands are always taken into consideration. If so much is to be spent on them, they should have a durability that is just right. The lifespan of a headband wig is a huge consideration if people are to purchase it.

The durability of regular wigs is beyond question. For human hair wigs, the life span is more than that of synthetic ones. This is extended even more if they are properly cared for and maintained. Before delving into the purchase of headband wigs, it is normal to want to know what to expect.

This article will help you to do just that.

The lifespan of Headband Wigs

The duration or life span of headband wigs is not anything out of the ordinary or strange. A headband wig is simply a wig that has a headband attached to it. Well, it is technically a piece of material that doubles as a headband when worn.

This simply means that it can be made of regular synthetic wig hair materials. So when considering the lifespan of headband wigs, just check out the lifespan of synthetic wigs. The lifestyle which by the way ranges from about 4 to 6 months. Sometimes even more depending on how often it is being used.

The headband wigs could also be made of human hair materials. In which case it could be referred to as a headband wig with virgin or human hair wig. The hair length hair also varies. It could be as short as 8 inches. It could also be as long as 28 inches.

But between the two, the human hair wig is of better quality than the synthetic wig. This is because there is little to no shedding. Even better, the tangling is minimized in the case of human hair headband wig.

Also, the human hair headband wigs can be tweaked to a more interesting style if the owner wants. They are as susceptible to bleaching and perming as the regular human hair wig. One just has to look out for the headbands.

How to Extend Lifespan of Headband Wigs

The most ideal and foremost tip in making sure the headband wig lasts long is to source it right. If one does not purchase an original headband wig in the first place, extension is difficult. So make purchases from trusted sources.

If one is aware of a trusted store or hairdresser, then, by all means, patronize them. If online sources are available, find trusted ones. Find manufacturers with decent reputations and positive customer feedbacks. All that is needed is to check online. But always make sure to take note of the return policy.


The lifespan of headband wigs is just right. It might not be as long as the other regular wigs, but it is just right. So if one is looking to start with headband wigs, what is the delay? There is a headband wig that is just right for everyone.


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